Leveraging my journey from corporate to successful entrepreneur, I'm here to guide you to your business and personal success.


The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is an annual energetic container to help you uncover and overcome the hidden blocks that hinder your success. It guides you on a transformative journey towards discovering your authentic self, leading to a life of abundance. In this program, you'll learn to align your business strategies with your core self, paving the way for fulfilling and prosperous outcomes.


  • Monthly Audio Lesson: A step-by-step guide accessible through a podcast player, released bi-weekly, for realigning your success strategy.
  • Monthly Guidebook: Comprehensive tools, including transcripts, instructions, meditations, and affirmations.
  • Sanctuary Toolkit: Your first 30 days are designed to help you leverage your Human Design and create your personalized success plan.
  • Monthly Alignment Bundle: 'Elevate & Align' content for continuous growth and discovery.
  • Community Access & Bonuses: Annual access to a supportive network, ongoing access to program updates, and monthly interactive sessions for deeper insights.

Mini Intensive

The Mini Intensive is a uniquely tailored 90-minute strategy session designed to address specific needs in your business journey. Whether it's understanding your human design, refining your product suite, optimizing enrollment processes, or seeking general business support, this session adapts to your specific focus area. Gain personalized guidance, actionable strategies, and clarity in a condensed, impactful setting.


  • 90-Minute Focused Session: A concentrated, one-on-one session addressing your chosen area of business or personal development.
  • Customized to Your Needs: Tailored specifically to your selected focus area at the time of booking, be it human design understanding, business strategy, or personal growth.
  • Valuable Takeaways: Receive a copy of the session recording and detailed call notes for ongoing reference and implementation.
  • Immediate Impact: Designed for quick, significant insights and strategies to implement in your business or personal journey immediately


Recalibrate offers a personalized six-month coaching experience, focusing on simplifying your product suite and streamlining enrollment processes.

This program is designed to provide you with the tools and strategies necessary for significant business growth and includes done-for-you elements like product suite mapping and funnel building to optimize your marketing efforts.


  • Customized Product Suite Mapping: Tailored strategies to streamline and enhance your product offerings.
  • Expert Funnel Building: Assistance with creating effective sales funnels, including copy and automation setup, optimized for specific platforms.
  • Unlimited Calls and Feedback: Ongoing, personalized support and guidance throughout the coaching period.
  • Client-Focused Material Creation: Encouragement and guidance for clients to develop their own program materials, ensuring authenticity and alignment with their brand.
  • Adaptable and Client-Centric: Each aspect of the coaching is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of the client, ensuring a bespoke experience.
  • One Year Access to The Sanctuary: In addition to the extensive coaching and resources provided in Recalibrate, you'll gain a full year's access to The Sanctuary. This added benefit enriches your journey with monthly lessons, guidebooks, and a supportive community, perfectly complementing the tailored Recalibrate program and amplifying your business transformation.

You are here because our vibe is similar. I am committed to helping others and making a positive impact in the world. 


I created SELFmade Success System® because I wanted to provide a transformative approach that accounted for the lived experiences of Black women entrepreneurs. To show them how I was able to embrace Human Design and faith-based principles to redefine success, unlock my potential, and create a soulfully aligned, impactful business. 

Our programs, including The Sanctuary, Recalibrate, and Mini Intensives, guide you towards abundance, fulfillment, and authentic success, tailored to your unique journey and vision.

  • Empowered Decision-Making: Gain the clarity and confidence to make decisions aligned with your core values and business goals.
  • Aligning Business with Self: Learn to integrate your unique Human Design with your business strategies for a more authentic and fulfilling entrepreneurial journey.
  • Overcoming Success Blocks: Discover and address hidden barriers hindering your financial and personal growth.
  • Financial Growth Mastery: Master strategies for shifting from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance, opening up new avenues for financial success.
  • Effective Goal Setting: Learn to set and achieve transformative business and personal goals in alignment with your true self.
  • Cultivating Resilience: Develop resilience to navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, maintaining a balance between work and personal well-being.
  • Building Support Networks: Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs for mutual support and growth within a nurturing community.
  • Sustainable Business Practices: Implement practical techniques for long-term success, ensuring your business thrives while staying true to your values.
  • Personal and Business Fulfillment: Experience the harmony of a successful business that aligns with personal satisfaction and fulfillment. 

This holistic approach ensures that your business success is not just a fleeting moment, but a sustainable, fulfilling journey. By aligning your professional aspirations with your inner truth, you unlock the potential for extraordinary growth, both personally and in your business endeavors.


Q.U.I.Z. Funnel V.I.P. Day

The Quiz Funnel VIP Day is performed in virtual or in-person V.I.P. Day. In-Person V.I.P. Days are held in Short Hills, New Jersey, or Atlanta, GA. Investment starts at $8,000.


This quiz funnel strategy package is designed to help coaches and healers connect with their ideal clients on a deep, emotional level while also driving high-quality leads and conversions. With my proven framework, you can build a loyal following of satisfied clients, increase your revenue, and achieve your business goals.




  • Onboarding Call: Before we begin the project, we'll schedule an onboarding call to discuss your business goals, target audience, and any specific requirements or preferences you have for the quiz funnel. This call will help me understand your business deeply and ensure we're on the same page before moving forward.
  • Market Research: Based on the information gathered in the onboarding call, I will conduct in-depth market research to gain a deep understanding of your ideal clients, their pain points, desires, and preferences. This research will help us determine the quiz topic, questions, and possible quiz results that resonate with your target audience.
  • Quiz Design: Once the market research is complete, we will meet for your Q.U.I.Z. Funnel V.I.P. Day to design a personality quiz customized to your brand and message. The quiz will be designed to engage and connect with your ideal clients on a deep, emotional level. This includes creating up to four quiz results that align with your core offerings and services and conversion copywriting strategies for each result that drives conversions and sales.
    • Defining your quiz objectives and goals.
    • Mapping out the user journey from the quiz landing page to the quiz results page
    • Creating a lead magnet or incentive to encourage quiz completion
    • Developing a segmentation strategy to ensure that quiz takers receive personalized follow-up based on their quiz results.
  • Plug And Design Q.U.I.Z. Funnel System: To help you get your funnel up and running, you will receive access to my Plug & Design Q.U.I.Z. Funnel System during our session. You will leave your V.I.P. Day with your Q.U.I.Z. foundation ready to go.


Meet Kim McCarter, the 6/2 Manifesting Generator designed to help you make more money. 


Visionary Entrepreneur and Coach Kim McCarter is an entrepreneurial firebrand who has immersed herself in the art of helping women entrepreneurs reach the highest levels of growth, profit, and success. An innovative thinker, Kim has masterfully integrated her savvy as a Corporate executive, entrepreneur, and business coach to ignite passion, infuse purpose, and inspire excellence in women all over the globe.

Through her authentic messaging and "Make It Happen!" attitude, Kim blends her extensive entrepreneurial experience with a deep understanding of human design and business growth strategies to empower entrepreneurs, especially Black women. Her journey from corporate leadership to creating a successful business while navigating personal challenges has shaped her into an inspiring figure in the entrepreneurial world. Kim's unique approach focuses on aligning business strategies with one's true self, driving both financial success and personal satisfaction.

Described as "THE Funnel Trap Queen and gospel truth on business," Kim's strategies have helped clients find and bank over $10M in reclaimed profits. And this number continues to climb as more people are introduced to her business strategy and mindset magic!! Communicating clear business solutions with wit and razor-sharp insight, Kim engages and fascinates audiences with an interactive style of learning, invoking an atmosphere that's both educational and entertaining.

Embodying the essence of her core message, Kim is living proof that it's never too late to make your dreams a reality. She uses her experience to empower other women to live & be their authentic selves and is a firm believer in spontaneous road trips, great shopping, a deliciously good book, and having your cake and eating it too … preferably in bed!

We also have a number of free resources and tools to support your journey.