How to Craft a Profitable Sales Funnel for Your Healing & Coaching Business

Aug 12, 2023


The Two Funnels That Will Increase Your Energetic Visibility & Enrollments

Are you ready to amplify your healing and coaching business with a powerful sales funnel strategy? 

Here’s the thing about becoming a six-figure earning Healer & Coach - you cannot make it by selling to an empty community, and you cannot build a community if you do not know how you plan to serve.

So in this post, I am going to dive into the world of sales funnels and explore two key types that can revolutionize your business: the Micro Offer Funnel and the Evergreen Enrollment Funnel. These proven strategies will not only skyrocket your revenue but also establish lasting connections with your ideal clients.

Unveiling the Power of Layered Funnel Strategy

When it comes to sales funnels, I'm a firm believer in the magic of layers. This approach involves three vital layers that seamlessly work together to optimize your business growth:


Layer 1: The Transformation-Based Lead Magnet:
A transformation-based lead magnet is a powerful tool in the world of marketing and lead generation. It's a piece of content specifically designed to offer immediate value and create a significant impact on the recipient's life or business. Unlike traditional lead magnets that might offer generic information, a transformation-based lead magnet aims to provide a tangible transformation or solution to a specific problem the target audience is facing.

The key focus of a transformation-based lead magnet is to showcase your expertise, build trust, and demonstrate the real value you can bring to your audience. This type of lead magnet goes beyond surface-level information and delivers an actionable solution that leads to a noticeable positive change. By delivering on the promise of transformation, you can attract more qualified leads and build a deeper connection with your audience.

Layer 2: The Soul-Informed Offer: A soul-informed offer is a business proposition, product, or service that is deeply aligned with your core values, purpose, and authenticity. It goes beyond conventional market demands and profit motives to incorporate a sense of purpose, meaning, and connection with your true self and the greater good. 

Creating a soul-informed offer involves tapping into your intuition, inner wisdom, and personal values to develop something that feels genuinely authentic and fulfilling. It's about honoring your passion and allowing it to guide your business decisions. Rather than simply chasing trends or profits, you're driven by a deeper sense of purpose and a desire to create value that resonates with your audience on a profound level.

Layer 3: The Energetic Visibility Hub: Energetic visibility refers to the concept of making your presence, essence, and offerings known to the world in a way that resonates with the energy and values you embody. It goes beyond mere physical visibility and extends into the realm of energetic and spiritual alignment. Energetic visibility involves showcasing your authentic self, beliefs, and intentions in a way that attracts and engages people who are aligned with your energy. 

As you amplify your visibility through energetic practices, you're also tuning into the frequency of your perfectly aligned clients. You're creating a frequency that calls out to those who are seeking precisely what you offer. Your energetic presence becomes a beacon that guides them to you.

Discover the Micro Offer Funnel and Evergreen Enrollment Funnel - The Two Funnels Ever Healing & Coaching Business Should Be Running

Micro Offer Funnel: The primary job of the Micro Funnel Offer is to get your business in front of your target audience. By incentivizing them with this free specially curated lead magnet, you can immediately begin to establish trust and rapport by showcasing your knowledge and experience. You can immediately begin indoctrinating your new subscribers to your paid offer with a digital product priced at less than $200. This funnel includes a long-form opt-in page, a conversion-based thank you, and a sequence of curated emails.

Evergreen Enrollment Funnel: Your job as a business owner is to increase revenue in your business. The Evergreen Enrollment Funnel helps you do this by using hybrid automation processes to alleviate the pressure of live launching and maintaining an active social media presence. It allows you to provide an automated training that showcases the purpose of your healing & coaching business, overcome objections, and offer the opportunity to begin entering into your enrollment process.  This funnel includes a registration page, training access details, and a sequence of curated emails that share how your paid environment supports clients in reaching their goals.

Note: The two funnels work together to increase enrollments in your core product. 

Start With The End In Mind

Begin by selecting your primary front-end offer. Define how it helps your perfectly aligned client reach their desires and overcomes their challenges. Then, design a transformation-based lead magnet that will help your target audience overcome an immediate concern by using your Energetic Framework. Create an engaging welcome email that gets them to take immediate action by downloading your lead magnet and a series of emails that provide a sense of belonging to your free community (email list, social media, etc.).

Next, Incorporate The Mico-Offer & Evergreen Enrollment Funnels Into Your Business Model

Incorporating the Mico Offer and Evergreen Enrollment funnels into your business model isn't just a strategy – it's an embodiment of your commitment to profound transformation and authentic community building. This layered approach creates a harmonious flow that resonates with your audience's needs and aspirations, leading them on a journey that enriches both their lives and your healing or coaching business.

Starting with the Micro Offer Funnel is like extending a warm invitation to those curious about your transformative offerings. It's about delivering immense value upfront, addressing a pressing challenge, and instantly building trust. This approach lays the foundation for strong relationships, allowing potential clients to experience your expertise firsthand. As a healer or coach, when you provide a quick-win solution through a micro offer, you showcase your commitment to their well-being and create a bridge to deeper transformation. 

The Evergreen Enrollment Funnel is a dynamic force for continuous growth and community building. This funnel complements your micro offer strategy by providing a seamless pathway to your primary offer. It's designed to engage your audience beyond the initial interaction and nurture a lasting connection. By offering a value-packed training that speaks directly to your audience's challenges, you establish yourself as an authority and a trusted guide. As they journey through the funnel, attending your webinar and engaging with your content, they're primed for transformation. What's truly magical is that this funnel operates around the clock, effortlessly reaching potential clients at their convenience. This cycle of value delivery and conversion forms a solid foundation for a thriving community. Your teachings and insights become an integral part of their growth journey, positioning you as a go-to source for their healing and coaching needs.

No Funnel Works Without Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any successful sales funnel, and that's where the fusion of energetic visibility practices becomes pivotal in elevating your marketing strategies. Your finely crafted sales funnel, enriched with micro offer and evergreen enrollment components, deserves the spotlight it needs to thrive. Energetic visibility isn't just about the technicalities of reaching your target audience – it's about infusing your brand with a magnetic energy that resonates deeply. By incorporating practices such as consistent content creation, soulful social media engagement, and authentic storytelling, you infuse your brand with a genuine essence that captures hearts.

As a Healer and Coach, your impact isn't just confined to the realm of transactions; it's about touching lives and inspiring change. And that's precisely what energetic visibility achieves – transforming your marketing strategies into a catalyst for genuine connections, community growth, and lasting transformation.

Create a long-form piece of content like a podcast, youtube video, or live stream. You or a team member can then transcribe the long-form content and use it as an SEO-friendly blog post that will eventually rank your website on Google. The long-form video can be used to create short videos for Reels, TikToks, or Shorts, while the blog posts can be used to create captions, quotes, and carousel posts for your various feeds. 

By incorporating energetic visibility practices into your marketing efforts, you will trust that the right people will see your content at the right time. 

Ignite Your Business Growth Today

Armed with this layered funnel approach, you're now equipped to transform your healing and coaching business. Download the Energetic Sales Blueprint and embark on the journey to exponential growth and see all of the components of the must-have funnels for your business. 

As you implement this strategy, you'll witness your email list flourishing with eager subscribers and your business flourishing with revenue and success.

Let's propel your business to new heights with the power of energetic sales funnels!

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