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Want to take your Big Profit Energy Toolkit to the next level? Elevate your marketing game and create stunning landing pages and email headers effortlessly with our exclusive Canva files add-on!

With our Canva Magic upgrade, you'll get access to professionally designed templates that perfectly complement your soulful strategies. No design skills are needed – simply plug and play your content into these customizable files to create eye-catching, conversion-driven pages and emails that stand out from the crowd.

Includes (3) lead magnet templates, (76) Instagram Feed Templates, (18) Ad & Promo Templates, (4) Video Testimonial Template designs for stories.

Big Profit Energy Toolkit

The most important aspect of making money in your business is having a community to sell to.

The Big Profit Energy Toolkit is the ultimate list-building and sales funnel resource on the market.

With strategies for service provides, coaches, and e-commerce business owners, you'll have exactly what you need to nurture your subscribers and increase sales.

What you'll get:

  • (4) Sales Funnel Maps with video instructions Discover the stages, elements, and automation strategies that will lead to a steady flow of qualified clients. (Value $2000)
  • (5) Landing Page Strategies Get a head start on crafting engaging and persuasive landing pages with a step-by-step breakdown and copy prompts for each of the landing pages in the Big Profit Freedom Formula. (Value $3,000)
  • The Perfectly Aligned Client Mini Course - Learn the exact process I use to magnetize and connect with perfectly aligned clients. This step-by-step guide will help you build meaningful relationships and turn leads into loyal customers. (Value $1,000)
  • (9) Fill-in-the-Blank Engagement Emails - Say goodbye to writer's block with our fill-in-the-blank email templates. Effortlessly engage your email list and create excitement for your upcoming launch or offer. (Value $900)
  • Bonus 1: Lead Magnet Ideas for E-Commerce Businesses - This bonus, tailored specifically for e-commerce businesses, will equip you with a collection of irresistible incentives that will entice your target audience to join your email list. (Value: $200)
  • Bonus 2: E-Commerce Customer Nurture Sequence (13 Email Templates Included) - You'll receive a step-by-step customer nurture sequence designed to keep your customers engaged, satisfied, and eager to return for more. From abandoned cart & post-purchase thank-you emails to personalized recommendations, this sequence will help you build lasting relationships with your customers, leading to increased retention and word-of-mouth referrals. (Value $1,500)
  • Bonus 3:Digital Product Passive Income Funnel  - Imagine a stream of income flowing effortlessly into your business, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – serving your clients and expanding your impact. Our carefully crafted Digital Product Passive Income Funnel will guide you through the process of creating and launching digital products that practically sell themselves.

    From conception to launch, this bonus is your roadmap to financial freedom and business growth.

    (Value $1000)